Job vacancies

Part-time job opportunity

Work in an office in a publishing and research company.

Categories of jobs available:

  1. Office assistant (hours flexible from Monday to Friday between 7 & 3).
  2. Research assistants to write academic papers for journals (can work at home)
  3. Creative writer to embellish dry factual articles for magazines (can work at home)
  4. Journalists to write articles on Indian cultural events for newspapers and magazines
  5. Proof-readers (can work at home)
  6. Researches to go in the field to conduct interviews, administer questionnaires, etc.
  7. Photographers to go in the field to shoot photos of people and events.
  8. Artists and illustrators for books and magazines.
  9. Biographer who must have a literary style
  10. Sales and marketing representatives to promote and sell books on a 25% commission basis
  11. Actors to dramatize Indian folk tales on stage (occasionally)
  12. For production of short documentary films: script writers, camera operators, film editors and narrator with slight British accent

For positions numbered 2 and 4, applicants must have a university education. They must major in Literature, Education, History, Asian Studies, Communication Studies, Journalism, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Sociology or Psychology. They must be computer literate, be exceedingly intelligent, have a high GPA score, and must have excellent writing skills.


Dr Kumar Mahabir,Ph.D. Anthropology
Assistant Professor, University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)
Chairman, Chakra Publishing House Ltd (CPH)
Chairman, Indo-Caribbean Cultural Centre Co. Ltd (ICC)
10 Swami Avenue, Don Miguel Road
San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago
Tel:  (868) 674-6008
Tel/fax: (868) 675-7707
Mobile (868) 756-4961

2 thoughts on “Job vacancies

  1. justwritepeach

    My name is Avion Anderson. I am a Freelance Food Writer and Blogger, from Tobago. My blog at is all about local food, chocolate, recipes, events, and more. I would like to become a contributing writer with your publication.

    Avion Anderson


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