About us

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC)is a non-profit, independent, educational organization recognized by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. ICC was established in 1999 with its axiom being: “Celebrating unity in cultural diversity in the Caribbean.” It is dedicated to publishing two magazines every year – a Divali souvenir magazine, and an Indian Arrival Day commemorative magazine. ICC is primarily committed to the production of information about people, issues and events affecting Hindus and Indians in multi-ethnic Trinidad and the Caribbean.

The objective of ICC is to build and establish bridges between Hindus/Indians and other ethnic groups in the cosmopolitan Caribbean. It hopes to provide a comprehensive picture of Hindus/Indians in a society that is constantly evolving from simple to complex, traditional to modern, local to global. It also hopes to nurture the appreciation of the Hindu/Indian heritage in the Caribbean as a potential factor that can contribute to the promotion of better ethnic relations among all groups in the society. It is expected that the knowledge produced in the magazines will constitute a significant bridge leading to understanding, respect, appreciation and acceptance. ICC also seeks to lift the consciousness of Hindus/Indians in their roles and responsibilities as an ethnic group in a developing society.

The magazines focus on socio-cultural issued is of Caribbean people of Indian/South Asian origin. The issues covered are inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary in nature, and of interest to students and scholars in Literary Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, History, Political Science and Religion.

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) invites writers to submit their work for publication in its magazines. Writers who wish to express themselves on socio-cultural issues, current events, or other topics particularly relevant to Hindus and Indians in the Caribbean are asked to submit their material in the form of articles, commentaries, poems, film and book reviews, short stories, and play-extracts. Each writer is paid for his/her work. The magazines also carry messages from the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, and the Minister of Social and Community Development.

The magazines are distributed directly to the public at all major Divali and Indian Arrival Day functions throughout the country, and at malls, hotels, ports and the airport. They are also mailed to all NGOs, CBOs, and public and school libraries.

The dimensions of the magazines are 11 x 8 ½ inches. They are printed in full colour on glossy paper, and are usually about 50 pages thick (with advertisements). The circulation of every edition is estimated to be 20,000 copies.


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