Divali festival souvenir magazine 2015

Janeo: The Hindu student admission ceremony

Indo-Caribbean Divali Publication Ltd. (IDP) wishes to announce the publication of its latest souvenir magazine – Divali 2015, Trinidad and Tobago. The theme of this edition of its annual magazine is “Janeo: The Hindu student admission ceremony.”

Also known as the upnayana samskara, this ceremony is one of the lesser known expressions of Hinduism in Trinidad since it was initially observed only by the upper caste Brahmins. The janeo ceremony is also part of an ancient tradition which has survived over generations in Trinidad, far away from ancestral India. The ceremony represents the 10th of 16th samskaras or rites of passage in the life of a Hindu.

The janeo ceremony is significant because it emphasizes the importance of teaching and learning in one’s life, particularly spiritual education. The ritual of the granting of the sacred thread marks the coming of age of a male child at about the age of twelve who is believed to be sufficiently developed to enter into the brahmacharya or student stage of life. At this stage, the initiate becomes “twice-born.” Traditionally, he would leave his natal home for his teacher’s ashram or gurukula where he would live without luxury or sense-gratification to keep his mind pure and focused. Under the strict guidance of a guru [teacher], the young boy would begin to study the Vedas and learn to recite the sacred Gayatri Mantra. The auspicious ceremony, which lasts for three days, is celebrated lavishly in Trinidad.


  • Divali Festival in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Editorial: Janeo -The Hindu student admission ceremony
  • Greetings from the Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Dr the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly
  • Greetings from the High Commissioner of India His Excellency Gauri Shankar Gupta
  • Introduction – Overview of the induction/initiation ceremony
  • Samskaras [The Rites of Passage] in Hinduism
  • Shodasa samskaras: The 16 Vedic rites of passage
  • Maticoor night: The celebrations begin
  • Teekaying the drum: Reverence to the drum
  • Maticoor: The digging of the dirt
  • The application of sindhoor [vermillion powder]
  • Naugraha Pooja: The preparatory prayers begin
  • The hardi [turmeric past] ceremony
  • The piercing of the ears
  • Preparation on the actual janeo ceremony
  • Breakfast with childhood friends
  • The mundan samskara: the shaving of the head
  • The churki [tuft of hair]
  • The ceremonial bath
  • Guru Diksha: the teacher accepts the student
  • The gift of simple garb
  • Ashtow Bhaandani: the gift of eight kalsas [earthen jars]
  • Yagnopavit: the granting of the sacred thread
  • The firm staff, the seat of deerskin and wooden slippers
  • The sacred havan and blessing of the limbs
  • Bhiksha: the collection of alms
  • The study of the Vedas and departure for Kashi
  • The students returns in royal garb
  • Paying obeisance to all
  • Indian janeo ceremony vs Trinidadian janeo ceremony
November-December 2015
11 x 8 ½ inches. Glossy pages and cover.
ISSN 1683-4143
64 pages with advertisements and articles.

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