Divali festival souvenir magazine 2014

Visual Arts on Indian cultural heritage

Indo-Caribbean Divali Publication Ltd (IDP) is proud to announce the publication of its latest Divali souvenir magazine. Divali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, was observed as a national holiday on October 23, 2014.

The theme of this year’s edition of the magazine is Visual Arts on Indian cultural heritage. The body of work featured in this magazine presents various visual interpretations of Hindu and (East) Indian cultural heritage in Trinidad and Tobago. With a total of 26 contributing artists, this compilation showcases a mix of established and aspiring visual practitioners whose works demonstrate competence and maturity in their respective genres.

As a highly visual religion, Hinduism is mainly characterised by brightly coloured and ornamental images of gods, goddesses and deities. These and other images have captured the imagination of artists and other cultural workers. The artistic exploration of Hindu and Indian images by artists take several forms and media which include drawings, mosaics, installations, rangoli, mehndi, mixed-media, conventional and digital paintings, and three-dimensional designs.

This magazine is a compilation of artistic works by mainly Indian artists working on Indian cultural themes. The truth is that not many Indians in Trinidad and Tobago are practitioners of the visual arts. It is important that this under-representation be addressed. The presence of non-Indian artists working on this theme suggests that they have been exposed to a certain degree, and have been influenced, by Hindu and Indian culture.


  • About Divali in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Visual Arts on Indian cultural heritage – Editorial
  • Greetings from the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago – The Honourable Kamla Persad-
  • Greetings from the Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration– The Honourable Rodger Samuel
  • Amit Rameshwar Singh Namaste & Ved Vyasa and Lord Krishna goes to the Caribbean
  • Aneesa Karim Bridal Fee – Ready for the Big Day & Hanuman and Sovanna Macha (The Monkey and the Mermaid)
  • Antonio Butts The Divine Couple & Sheriffa- Indian Princess
  • Anushka Lutchme Singh Radhika Dasi & Maha Vishnu
  • Asha Beharry Holikeranga (Colours of Holi) & Manzankekinare (Manzan’s Shore)
  • Candice Sobers Ancestral Skill, Supplication & Fig Leaf
  • Vishana Gajadhar Aarti & Heritage
  • Indira Jairam Tradition of colour & Out of confusion
  • James “Jim” Armstrong Hosay Drum Band & Indian Dancer
  • Kajal Madho Sari Red & Solemn
  • Kervina Deanna Persad The Wonders of Mosaic – Through the eyes of Lord Hanuman & The Remover of All Obstacles
  • Marisa S. Ramdeen With India in Mind & The Water Carriers
  • Meenakshi Ganga Persad Embodiment of culture & Temple- in- the-sea
  • Rajesh Harnarine “Suhagan” The Bride & Radha in Motion
  • Akash Beharry All is well in the universe, The Creator & Saraswati
  • Ravita Ramdeen Gangaram The Offering & Full Bloom
  • Richard Rampersad Vinayaka 2 & Vinayaka 3
  • Sarah Chadee “Baraat” (Wedding Procession) &“Ganesha”
  • Shalini Seereeram Dance the Lotus & Garland of Saraswati
  • Shannon Yip Yang aka Alexis Cortez One with thy self (Indian girl) & Peacock Pride
  • Shelly Mehandibaig Dulahin & Dulaha
  • Shivana Lalla Abstract Rangoli & Circular Rangoli
  • Rebecca Foster The Temple-in-The-Sea & A Dance of Colours
  • Sharon Vidale Parchay, Sindur Daan & Mangal Sutra Daan
  • Kenderson Noray Hosay 1 & Hosay 2
October 2014.  11 x 8 ½ inches. ISSN 1683-5026
Glossy pages and cover
64 pages with advertisements and articles

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