Divali festival souvenir magazine 2009

Paintings on Hinduism in Trinidad and Tobago

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) wishes to announce the publication of it’s latest Divali magazine in 2009. The theme of this edition of its annual souvenir magazine is “Paintings on Hinduism in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The magazine represents a collection of 34 pieces by aspiring artists, students and professionals in the country. Fifty percent (50%) of the paintings were done by children and 50% by adults. Seventy-six percent (76%) of the artists appear to be Indians and 24% seem to be non-Indians, based on an analysis of their surnames. Fifty-three percent (53%) bear Hindi surnames, 24% carry English/Other surnames, and 23% of them have Arabic last names.

The collection of paintings in magazine format can mirror a display of visual art images in a public gallery exhibition. However, a magazine carries the advantage of allowing one to view the images at one’s own private place, time and convenience. Indeed, it brings the conventional city art gallery – frequented by the elite in society – to the private living room of the common folk. Like a photographic album, a magazine can be kept as a collector’s item for future reference, study, review and enjoyment. This magazine has the added value of including an art critique of each painting, which makes it relevant to any discourse on contemporary culture and ethnic identity. The “reading” of each painting highlights the visual creativity of our local artists and the appreciation of Hindu/Indian aesthetics in the Caribbean.


  • About Divali in Trinidad & Tobago
  • Paintings on Hinduism in Trinidad & Tobago – Editorial
  • Greetings from the Minister of Community Development, Culture & Gender Affairs – The Honourable Marlene Mc Donald
  • Greetings from the High Commissioner of India – Mr. Malay Mishra
  • Caroni Dreams by Robert Mackie
  • Waterloo Temple by Wulf Gerstenmaier
  • The Dancer as Storyteller by Anthony Butts
  • A Mysterious World by Parmanan Singh
  • Framing a Hindu Wedding by Sara Nesa Muslim
  • The Nature of Divine Love by Sanjana Mathur
  • Journey of a Thousand Deyas by Mauricia Tricia Lewis
  • The Golden Deer by Richard Abiraj
  • The Marriage Ceremony by Anashia Ali
  • A Display of Celebration by Leeandra Phulsingh
  • The Sadhu on his Mat by Akash Mahabir
  • Lord of Time by Kajal Shivani Madho
  • Divine Death by Amir Fadel
  • The Festival of Colours by Kumar Mahabir
  • Sailing through the Journey of Life by Mahindra Maharaj
  • Sacred Stone of Fertility by Gabriella Panchoo
  • Fathers Meet at a Wedding by David Subran
  • Turning into a Stone by Kriston Ramkissoon
  • Light Blossoms into a Lotus by Samantha Rochard
  • Visions of Light by Sarah Andrew
  • Three Gods and Three Humans by Vishana Gajadhar
  • Duhkh [Sorrow] by Prabhudath Singh
  • Mother-in-law’s Embrace by Rose-Ann Ramkumar
  • Touching the Feet by Adil Mohammed
  • The Breaking of the Bow by Renny Radhay
  • Figure and Flower by Marissa Ramdeen
  • Leap of Faith by Jenelle Hosein
  • Goddess on the Lotus by Rasheed Ali
  • The Golden Jubilee by Dolly Tewarie
  • Lord Ganesh in Cartoon by Dana Rambaran
  • The Fantasy of Divali at Dusk by Peter Sheppard
  • A Vision of Lakshmi by Ingrid Nardia Rambocas
  • The Heart of Devotion by Asha Sookdeo
  • Beyond the Line by Vishnu Deo
  • The Fruit of the Sun by Brian Lalla
November 2009. 11 x 8 ½ inches. ISSN  1683-5026
Glossy  pages and cover.
72 pages with advertisements and articles.

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