Divali festival souvenir magazine 2008

Education in Hindu Schools in Trinidad and Tobago

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) wishes to announce the publication of its latest Divali magazine in 2008. The theme of this edition of its annual souvenir magazine is “Education in Hindu Schools in Trinidad and Tobago.”

comprising of 54 Government-assisted Hindu primary schools. These Hindu schools consist of 43 schools managed by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), nine by the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (APS/Vedic), and two by the Kabir Panth Association (KPA). There are also eight Hindu Secondary Schools in the country administered by the SDMS, SWAHA and Chinmaya Mission. There are also scores of Hindu Early Childhood Care and Education Centers.

Today, these schools are a source of pride to Hindus. The results of the SEA examination in 2008 reveal that among denominational institutions, Hindu schools performed the second best after Muslim schools. They also attained the same level of excellence as private primary schools. Hindu schools comprise just 10% of all primary schools in the country, but secured 22% of the schools that made it to the top 100 places in the SEA examination.

Once again, Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College occupied pride of place among prestigious secondary schools in Trinidad. It secured an impressive 15 National Scholarships in the 2008 CAPE/GCE A’ Level Examinations. Lakshmi Girls’ is now ranked third in performance in A’ Levels among all seven-year schools in North Trinidad. Shiva Boys’ Hindu College in Penal made history by winning two National (Open) Scholarships. The Maha Sabha-managed Hindu college won these awards for the first time with its first batch of A’ Level graduates.


  • About Divali in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Education in Hindu Schools in Trinidad and Tobago: Editorial
  • Greetings from Prime Minister: The Honourable Patrick Manning
  • Greetings from the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs: The Honourable Marlene Mc Donald
  • Names of students among the top 100 in the 2008 SEA exam
  • Map showing all Hindu schools in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Graph showing number of students from all types of schools among the top 100 in the 2008 SEA examination
  • Graph showing percentage of school-types represented among the top 100 in the 2008 SEA examination
  • Graph showing number is scholarships won by schools in the 2008 CAPE/GCE A’ Level examinations
  • Aranguez Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Producers of a DVD highlighting its achievements
  • Arima Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: A school with an exceptional history
  • Clarke Road Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: A school that produced an Open Scholarship winner
  • Don Miguel Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Nurturing a culture of excellence
  • El Dorado South Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Tanuja Maharaj emerged 2nd place in 2008 SEA exam
  • El Socorro Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Professor Ramesh Deosaran was once a teacher here
  • Endeavour Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: A school whose motto is “Work in worship”
  • Felicity Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Champion of the Inter-Mobile Spelling Bee 2008 competition
  • Five Rivers Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Restoring the school to its original prestige
  • Freeport Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Excellence in National Spelling Bee Competition and SEA top 100
  • Happy Hill Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Champions in Classical Singing
  • Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu (SDMS) College: 15 National Scholarships in 2008 CAPE/A’ Level Examinations
  • Mc Bean Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Winners in Chowtal, Science, Spelling, Sports and Art and Craft
  • Mohess Road Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: With library, science, computer and pre-school facilities
  • Parvati Girls’ Hindu (SDMS) College: The alma matar of two National Open Scholarship winners
  • San Francique Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Producing an astonishing number of top students
  • Saraswati Girls’ Hindu (SDMS) College: Represented Trinidad and Tobago in a Caribbean Quizz
  • Shiva Boys’ Hindu (SDMS) College: Two National Scholarships in its first CAPE/ A’ Level Examinations
  • Tunapuna Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: RBTT Primary Schools’ Boys and Girls Cricket Champions
  • Vishnu Boys’ Hindu (SDMS) College: A strong academic competitor to Presentation College
  • Waterloo Hindu (SDMS) Primary School: Winners in the National Spelling Bee Competition
  • Avocat Vedic (APS) Primary School: Third place in the Inter-Mobile Spelling Bee 2008 Competition
  • Barrackpore Vedic Primary School: First place winner in World Environmental Day competition
  • Bholanath Vedic (APS) Primary School: A pioneer school with a distinguished past
  • Dayanand Memorial Vedic (APS) Primary School: Providing academic excellence with moral ethics
  • Gandhi Memorial Vedic (APS) Primary School: Ajay of Gandhi Memorial claimed first place in the SEA exam
  • Montrose Vedic (APS) Primary School: 14 students in the SEA top 100 in five years
  • Agostini Settlement KPA Primary School: Occupying pride of place in the SEA top 200
  • Siparia Road KPA Primary School: Qualifiers in the Spelling Bee Competition and Trade Union Quizz
  • SWAHA Educational Institute: Secular education in a temple near UWI
  • SWAHA Hindu College: Emerging to be the best secondary school in the North-Eastern Division
  • Chinmaya Mission School: The first school of its kind outside of India
  • Saraswati – The Hindu Goddess of Learning: The book in her hand symbolizes the totality of knowledge
  • Bhadase Sagan Maraj (1920-1971): A phenomenal contribution to school building
11 x 8 ½ inches.
Glossy pages and cover.
ISSN 1683-5026
88 pages with advertisements and articles

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