Divali festival souvenir magazine 2007

Steps of the Hindu Marriage Ceremony

Marriage is one of the most-important of the sixteen maro [sacraments] in the life of a Hindu. It is no wonder, therefore, that so many relatives, friends and well-wishers are invited to witness the ceremony. Deities are also invited to witness and bless the marriage. They are invoked by the presiding pandits through the chanting of verses in Sanskrit from the ancient Vedas. The marriage does not only establish a bond between two individuals but also between two families. It is an elaborate and lavish affair with numerous rites and rituals lasting three to four days. The main ceremony takes place at the bride’s place under a maro or maro [canopy] beautifully decorated with electric bulbs, colourful fabrics and flower petals. Each step has its own function and significance.

Table of Contents

  • Steps of the Hindu Marriage Ceremony [Editorial]
  • Greetings from his the High Commissioner of India
  • By His Excellency Jagjit Singh Sapra
  • Chey-Kai – The Engagement Ceremony
  • Mehendi – The Dulahin’s Seductive Body Art
  • Hardi Night – The Couple Prepares
  • Maticoor – Ladies’ Night
  • Baraat Milan/Agwani – A Father’s Welcome
  • Kanya Daan – A Parents’ Farewell
  • Parchay – A Mother’s Welcome
  • Tilak/Dwar Puja – A Brother’s Welcome
  • Imli Ghotaai/ Daal Sankalpa – A Mother’s Pain
  • Peerha Sankalpa & Anga Sparsha – Rocking the Bench
  • Kanya Daan – Giving Away a Bride
  • Granthi Bandhana and Paaw Puja – Tying the Knot and Gift-Giving
  • Lawa Hawan – The Dulahin as Head and Leader
  • Lawa Bhawar – Around the Sacred Fire
  • Asmarorhana – Stepping on the Stone
  • Exchanging of Marriage Vows – The Requests of the Dulahin
  • Exchanging of Marriage Vows – The Requests of the Dulaha
  • Sindoor Daan – The Symbol of a Married Woman
  • Taag Paat and Mungal Sutra Daan – The Dulahin’s Protectors
  • Maalaaharr Patidhan and Mudrika Pratidaan – Exchanging of Malas and Rings
  • Aashirvaad/Viserjan and Kitchree – The Dulaha’s Meal
  • Surya Darshan, Dhruv Darshan and Hirdai Sparsh – Worshipping the Heart and Sun
  • Saptapadi – The Seven Steps
  • Darshan – The Dulahin’s Farewell
  • Choraaway Kangan and Tri Ratri Vrat – The Yellow Strips of Cloth
  • Unwritten Facts about the Hindu Wedding
  • Unmentioned Facts about the Hindu Wedding
  • Unknown Facts about the Hindu Wedding
  • The Marriage of Lord Rama to Lord Sita 6,000 years ago in India
October-November 2007
11 x 8 ½ inches. Glossy pages and cover.
ISSN 1683-4143
96 pages with advertisements and articles.

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