Divali festival souvenir magazine 2006

The Splendour of Divali: Highlights of the Festival

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) wishes to announce the publication of its latest magazine – Divali 2006, Trinidad and Tobago. The theme of this edition of its annual souvenir magazine is “The Splendour of Divali: Highlights of the Festival.”

Trinidad and Tobago, the famed island of Carnival, is the same country that gives the world its unique brand of Divali. Where else would non-Hindus and non-Indians actively take part in lighting over ten million deyas on an auspicious night? It is perhaps only in Trinidad that one can find split bamboo tubes transformed into magnificent works of art on which the deyas are placed. Strings of twinkling lights – clear and coloured – are also strung high on buildings, trees, and even across streets. Divali provides a perfect forum for showcasing the talent of both foreign and local performers in the field of Indian song, music, dance and drama. Divali also boasts of Ram Leela which is perhaps the oldest living form of free outdoor folk theatre in the Caribbean. The hub of all Divali celebrations in the island is the Divali Nagar in central Trinidad. The grand display of fireworks in the air at the Nagar is complemented by the thunder of bamboo cannons, the explosions of firecrackers, and the sparkle of “star-lights” in villages across the country.


  • The Splendour of Divali: Highlights of the Festival [Editorial]
  • Greetings from the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs By the Honourable Joan Yuille-Williams
  • Greetings from his the High Commission of India By Excellency Jagjit Singh Sapra
  • Lord Rama – the God King who walked the Earth: He became king of the solar race and reigned over Ayodhya
  • The Drama of Ram Leela recounted by Derek Walcott: The annual performance of one of the greatest epics of the world
  • Ramayana yagna [prayer service] in communities: The pundit [priest] sings parts of the world’s longest poem
  • The open air theatre of Ram Leela:A play of unrivalled record in the Caribbean
  • The Ramayana Ballet – a breathtaking three-hour drama: An epic condensed in an enjoyable three hour live stage performance
  • The Ramayana Ballet – captivating lights and sound on a multistage: A production staged by one of India’s legendary choreographers
  • A Ramayana Ballet in the middle of a bazaar: The story has enthralled millions of people for thousands of years
  • Mother Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth and Wisdom A radiant Goddess worshipped on the darkest night of the year
  • Lakshmi Puja and enlightenment: Twinkling lamps light her path to the home of the devoted
  • The fluttering of flags in celebration: Jhandi at the homes of Hindus is unique to the Caribbean
  • Streamers, pennons, balloons and bulbs Divali heralds the joy of the end-of-year celebrations
  • Shopping for vegetables: Sales of vegetables are at their highest
  • Sweet delights for the tongue: Tons of sweetmeats are made and distributed free
  • mehendi – the fine art of a temporary tattoo: The artistic touch of mehendi adds a sensual appeal
  • The mehendi craze has caught up: The breathtaking body paint with fine detailing
  • Shopping for clothes for a celebration: Women rule in the rush for new clothes
  • Glitzy Divali greeting cards: From paper postcards to electronic greeting cards
  • The potters’ art of making deyas: Handcrafted pottery with a divine touch
  • Shopping for the best deyas: Over ten million clay lamps are bought every year
  • deyas of clay, wax and brass: deyas now in colour and glitter in various shapes
  • The sacred art of lighting deyas: Patterns of light glow against the night’s canvas
  • Bamboo art with deya decorations: The craft of bamboo bending is perhaps uniquely Trinidadian
  • Devotional songs and music for Divali: Bhajans have gained popularity in a language of the soul
  • The diction of dance in devotion: The dancer turns himself into a medium of communication
  • Indian trade fairs in Trinidad: A festival of wild spending on clothes and accessories
  • East and West meet and mix in fashion: Every person in Indian ethnic wear becomes a model of elegance
  • Indian fashion shows in the spotlight: A Divali Queen is crowned on that glorious night
  • Divali Nagar – a celestial entertainment park: The second most popular entertainment centre in the country
  • Bamboo “bussing” booms: Bamboo cannons burst with flares of fire
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, rockets and sparklers: Visually stunning greens, blues and reds explode in style
  • Indian movies on television: Classic tales of romance conflict and triumph
  • The stage adaptation of Chalte Chalte: A new genre of theatre introduced in the Caribbean
  • The movie-cum-play of Dilwale Dulhunia Le Jayenge Indian movie incarnates into a masala Trinidad play
  • Plays about Indians in the Diaspora – Dilwale Dulhunia Le Jayenge Bollywood cinema blossoms on Trinidad stage
October 2006. 11 x 8 ½ inches. Glossy pages and cover.
88 pages with advertisements and articles.
ISSN 1683-5026

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