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Divali festival souvenir magazine 2005

Temples and Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) wishes to announce the publication of its latest souvenir magazine – Divali 2005, Trinidad and Tobago. The theme of this edition of its annual magazine is “Temples and Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The concept of spiritual tourism has become the new buzzword in the travel-and-tours circuit all over the world. This brand of tourism has remained untapped so far in the southern Caribbean, but has been exploited in the U.K. by groups like North Yorkshire Tourism Initiative. Spiritual tourism has the greatest potential for attracting foreign visitors outside of the busy Carnival season. One tourist destination can be the temple in Waterloo which has a gigantic Hanuman murti [statue] towering 85 feet (25 metres) high. In the same area is the monumental Temple-in-the-Sea, known world-wide for its exceptional history, design and location. The target market for this brand of tourism would be Hindus and Indians in the United States. They comprise a total of over two million people, and are reported to be the fastest-growing and wealthiest ethnic community in that country.

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