Carnival magazine 2005

Re-defining Trinidad Carnival

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) wishes to announce the publication of its Chutney & Carnival magazine, 2005. The theme of this Special Edition of its souvenir magazine is “Re-defining Trinidad Carnival.”

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is hailed as the most colourful street parade on earth. Ever since the French aristocrats introduced the festival in the 1780s in the island, the face, form and rhythm of the festival has been constantly changing. In recent years, people of South Asian/East Indian descent have contributed to this change to the extent that Carnival has now to be re-defined to include Chutney Monarch, Chutney Brass, Chutney Soca, Chutney Calypso, Chutney Glow, and now Chutney Mardi Gras. This new change is being hailed as a welcome addition to the Carnival potpourri in multi-ethnic Trinidad and Tobago, and a colourful contribution to what has become a truly national festival.


  • Chutney re-defines Carnival [editorial]
  • Greetings from the Prime Minister: The Honourable Patrick Manning
  • Is Carnival a religious festival? Sacred or secular?
  • The rise of chutney soca in Trinidad By Amelia Ingram
  • The evolution of Calypso: From the 19th to the 1900s
  • Chutney goes to the Mas Camp Pub: A sign of the times
  • Indi Carnival Commission: Chutney contesting space
  • Adesh Samaroo – the young chutney icon [an exclusive interview]
  • Chutney Soca and Carnival By Dr Peter Manuel
  • National Chutney Foundation: A profile of it activities
  • The Chutney Soca Monarch Competition: The 2005 spectacular show
  • The Soomarie donkey dance: [Traditional Carnival Characters]
  • Jab-jab (“Pretty Devil”) [Traditional Carnival Characters]
  • Chutney Mardi Gras With promoter Randy Glasglow
  • Music of Hindu Trinidad By Dr Helen Myers
  • The Canboulay Riots of 1881: A re-enactment at dawn
  • Colour photos of masques, including BRAZILIAN DANCER portrayed by Gloria Dallsingh,
  • BEHOLD portrayed by Wade Madray,
  • FLY HIGH PRETTY BUTTERFLY portrayed by Pamela Gordon,
  • THE INVOKEMENT OF CARNIVAL portrayed by Errol Phillip,
  • LADY OF THE NIGHT portrayed by Susan Low,
  • PRIDE OF THE NATION – WE PAN portrayed by Deborah Nandah
February 2005. 11 x 8 ½ inches. Glossy pages and cover
28 pages with advertisements, photos and articles.
ISSN 1683-4143

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