Indian Arrival Day commemorative magazine 2002

Protection of Traditional Knowledge

Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council (ICC) is pleased to announce the publication and sale of its latest magazine commemorating Indian Heritage Month (May 2002). The theme of the magazine marking the arrival of Indians from India to Trinidad during Indentureship (1845-1917) is Protection of Traditional Knowledge. Descendants of these immigrants now comprise about half the population of multi-ethnic Trinidad and Tobago (1.3million).

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) defines traditional knowledge as information in a community that is transmitted orally from generation to generation that has not been documented. The custodians of this traditional knowledge are often our elders, and when they pass on, their wealth of knowledge perishes with them. For the Indian community, the oral tradition is a part of their daily lives, even in this electronic age. Without this tradition, they would be set adrift in a perilous sea of foreign airwaves.


  • The oral tradition of Indians in the Caribbean [editorial] By Dr Kumar Mahabir
  • Messages from Government Ministers – Prime Minister, Minister of Culture, Minister of Community Development
  • What is Traditional Knowledge? By Professor Michael Blakeney
  • India Came to the Caribbean By Aleena Ali
  • Indian Arrival Day- A Journey to Tomorrow By Wendy Ramkerrysingh
  • Crossing the kala paani [dark waters] to the Caribbean By Lena Chandool
  • Indians and Africans came on the same ship By Kathryn L. Beard
  • Want to trace your roots to India? By Desh Deepak Verma
  • Will Indian Arrival Day ever be a holiday in Guyana? By Ravi Dev
  • Similarities between Indians in Trinidad and Fiji By Dr. Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick
  • Celebrating 50 years of Maha Sabha progress By D. Parsuram Maharaj
  • The failure of Indian leadership in the Caribbean By Vishnu Bissram
  • Early Indians in law By Atta K.O. Kujifi
  • The Hosay massacre in Trinidadian 1884 By Dr. Neil A. Sookdeo
  • Creating a catalogue of Indo-Caribbean Writers By Gary Girdhari
  • Finding a Place – the Indo-Trinidadian Contribution to Literature, 1850-1950 By Dr. Kris Rampersad
  • Sundar Popo – a true true Trinidadian By Chandra Juppy
  • In the defence of daal [spli tpeas] By Kamla Williams
  • “Becoming More Indian” By Bunny Rambhajan
  • The Struggle [poem] By Cindy Ramsagar
  • Indian Woman [poem] By Renatta Tulsie
  • In Honour of East Indian Arrival Day [poem] By Cynthia Hinkson
  • The way we were [short story] By Father Michael Makhan
  • Indian culture in architecture By Dr. Carolyn V. Prorok
  • Radha gets ready for high school [short story] By Sonah Nagassar
  • The medicinal uses of katahar/ kowa/ jack fruit By Dr Kumar Mahabir
  • Space for all in the media By Anand Ramlogan
June 2002. 11 x 8 ½ inches. Glossy paper.
58 pages with advertisements and articles.
ISSN 1683-4143

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